If your cubicles are starting to tear, full of stains, or just plain old High Quality Install can refurbish all your panels with new fabric, new paint, and new trims. We can turn your existing workstations into new looking stations at a fraction of the price for a new system. See a sample selection of Fabrics and Laminates selection. Note that prices will vary.


If you need to rearrange your existing workstations, add more stations, or just move them to another location. HQI has all the tools and know-how to deliver a fast turnaround time with a professional installation. See work here.

Interior Design

High Quality Install has a professional design team with years of experience. If you need to maximize your workspace and don't know where to turn, call HQI for all professional layouts you can understand.

Delivery & Install

HQI delivers all types of office products to your clients. HQI will deliver and install all your product in a professional manner and time. For delivery rates check out the Delivery Pricing Note: HQI must have a 2 week notice before scheduling a delivery date.

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