High Quality Install's Design Team is experienced in all types of office furniture. Anywhere from Haworth Unigroup to Herman Millers Ethospace. If you want to reconfigure, move, or have a new system in your office, the designers know exactly what it takes to make it happen.

If you need workspace in your office let the designers of HQI do the thinking for you; with the experience and degrees to back it up our designers have the knowledge to make the office you want. Contact them now for questions you may have. Some examples of HM cubicles. 7' x 7' you can see components here Cubicle Components Here is a HQI Legend that you can print and cut out for two easy to use booklets. Just cut down the middle and fold on guide lines. HQI Legend

email: design_team@hqinstall.com

Also checkout: Charles Jr's Graphic Design

Call (210) 222-9885 or email
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